Your breath is the most powerful tool you have for reducing stress, increasing your performance, and living a healthier life. But are you using it effectively?

Taylor Somerville is the founder of Symmetry, a breath, mindset, and lifestyle brand helping entrepreneurs and professionals access a better quality of life. Taylor is on a mission to transform people’s relationship with stress by teaching how you can fully utilize breathwork to control your stress response.

In this episode, Taylor shares his top tips to quickly stop a stress response, how to stop getting stuck in overdrive, and why rest and recovery are the keys to increased performance.

You’re never “too busy” to breathe – so learn how to do it right.

Watch the episode to find out:
• What breathwork can do for your health & productivity
• The performance-enhancing effects of nasal breathing 
• How to slow stress down fast
• What you can gain from challenging yourself with cold exposure
Taylor is a Marine Corps veteran, Holistic Lifestyle Specialist, and Founder of The Captain's Lifestyle Program where he helps impact driven entrepreneurs achieve balance and accelerate growth by optimizing their health & productivity.

His expertise in Mindset, Sleep, Communication, Nutrition, Exercise, and Biohacking has influenced over 50,000 people to optimize their lifestyle.

Taylor has spent the past 8+ years studying holistic health, happiness, and productivity and has created a simple and powerfully effective program- specifically geared to meet the demands of high performing entrepreneurs looking to grow their impact and optimize their work-life balance so they can fulfill their entrepreneurial vision.

You’re no doubt familiar with the importance of a morning routine to set the tone of your day, but what’s the first step in having a great morning?

Getting a restful night of high quality sleep so you wake up refreshed and ready to tackle your day!

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